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Social Media is gaining momentum and is on the rise to become more popular on mobile than desktop. The apps have evolved and became much more streamlined. How many times Facebook updated their app? I lost count, I bet Zuckerberg did too.

It is extremely crucial for a company to have a website that can also be viewed easily on mobile (a mobile optimized site), navigation equally important. It is expected by 2014 or 2015 that mobile will past desktop in number of users.

Makes sense. We all have a personal computers in our pockets all day, constantly checking texts and see what’s up in your social media network. While we have a desktop that’s glued to our desks, why use it since we have a mobile device that has unlimited access anywhere. So we’ll naturally shift our dependability to using mobile more often than desktops.

Social Media Is at the Forefront

We have all heard (and agree) that a mobile device is the most personal technology a user constantly accesses. It is unsurprising that social represents a majority of a consumer’s time in mobile. According to comScore, 45% of all Facebook traffic and 55% of all Twitter traffic is mobile. Unlimited access via mobile is not just changing how people access the social web, it’s changing what they do when they get there. –, Mobile Marketing Trends – April, 17 2012

See that last sentence above? “…it’s changing what they do when they get there.” That sounds familiar. If it doesn’t sound familiar to you, let’s go back to this last article. Yes, it’s CONTENT MARKETING. A content marketer would write a really good piece of content that has the user interested, perhaps there would be a link on a Tweet or on Facebook’s news feed that would lead the user to their brand’s website.

From DSM’s recent article Powerful Marketing Investment: Content

In contrast, the center of gravity for content marketing is a brand website — whether it be a branded URL like or a microsite for a brand’s specific product, like Amex’s Open Forum. Social networks are vital to the success of content marketing efforts, but here, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are used primarily as a distributor of links back to the content on the brand’s website — not as containers of the content itself.” – Toby Murdock, Content Marketing Institute – February 27, 2012

So when you have a social media app like say, Nike, a content marketer would try to lead an user from Facebook to visit their brand’s website to become a customer. Where would the customer most likely go see a brand’s website? On their mobile. They most likely won’t jump from mobile to desktop to check it out. I wouldn’t, maybe I’m at home on the couch and I don’t want to move around after a long day. Or I’m at the airport waiting for my flight. So from a social media app to a mobile optimized site, Nike could make a sale right away. Social Media, Content Marketing + Mobile = Profitability.

If a user happened to stumble upon a website that is not a mobile optimized site (ie: Under Armour), chances are the user will go back to their search results and look for a mobile optimized website (ie: Nike). Simple math, it’ll equal to losing revenue for Under Armour and additional revenue for Nike. Eventually in the near future, the more traditional desktop users will migrate to using mobile and your website still has not been updated – brand loyalty will be ruined. Chances are high that they’ll change companies in the same industry, ie: from Under Armour to Nike.

Better safe to be prepared than to be sorry. All your content marketing and social media marketing efforts will be a waste if you do not also focus on mobile. If you have not started your mobile strategy, get to work on it now. But most certainly, it’s not too late: 79% of large online advertisers do not have mobile optimized sites (Google, 2011 mobile study).

Bryan Leeper is the founder of Deaf Social Media and a freelance internet marketer. You can follow him on Twitter @b2theryan.

Some cool facts:

Mobile Marketing
– By the end of 2011 1 out of 2 of all adults in the US will use a smart phone
– 1 out of 3 mobile searches are local
– 95% Smartphone users have looked for LOCAL information.
– 70% of all mobile searches result in action within 1 hour
– Mobile coupons get 10 times the redemption rate of traditional coupons

Within the past week:

– 81% browsed the Internet
– 77% used a search engine
– 68% used an app
– 48% watched a video

(Source: Google Research, 2011)

– 33% of mobile users are looking for local content using their GPS location (eMarkerter, August 2011)
– 61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site they had trouble with (Google, 2011 mobile study)
– 19% said they’d have a negative overall perception of the company if dissatisfied with mobile site performance. (Google, 2011 mobile study)
– 40% said they’d visit a competitor’s mobile site instead. (Google, 2011 mobile study)
– 51% of consumers are more likely to purchase from mobile-specific sites (Google, 2011 mobile study)
– Retailers could increase engagementby 85% with a mobile site (Google, 2011 mobile study)
– In the next two years 1 billion people will have accessed the internet using a mobile device. Source: MobileThinking, 2011
– In the U.S., 25% of people have abandoned the laptop for exclusive use of mobile. Source: MobileThinking, 2011
– Facebook visitors spent an average of 269 minutes using the site via mobile device in March, compared with 347 minutes via personal computer (PC).
– Twitter users spent an average of 42 minutes using the site via mobile (vs.22 minutes via PC).


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