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Let’s discuss and compare Twitter in the VRS industry: Convo, Purple, Sorenson, and ZVRS.

Twitter is a “linking economy” meaning that when you enter a link in a Tweet (a micro-blog with 140 characters limit), it would drive traffic to your brand’s site, generate leads and new sales. At the same time, it would build brand awareness. Twitter gives companies an opportunity to participate in real-time conversations on a fast-paced network and brand will be on customers’ minds. Another advantage for companies using Twitter is providing superior customer service.

Let’s take a look at the followers since it got my attention: a) Convo: 1,623 b) Purple: 24,765 c) Sorenson: 1,647 and ZVRS: 2,571.

Not a lot of Deaf people use Twitter? Or is there?

Does Purple really have 24,765 real followers? Or maybe 30-50% of it are bots? Impossible to have 24,000 Deaf people following Purple VRS compare to others. Or they’re just DAMN good at engagement and solidifying relationships.

Lady Gaga has 34% fake followers. President Obama has 39% fake followers, 38% are inactive users…

*suspense music playing* Let’s find out how many fake followers @purplecomm has…

Meanwhile, Sorenson has 12% fake followers. Convo 6%. And ZVRS 5%.

This site will tell you how many real and fake followers you have — if you’re curious.

Purple, though, has a really nice background. Even provides us another Twitter handle for Customer Service, links to YouTube, Facebook, etc. This is an outstanding example of taking advantage of using Twitter as a tool – for those of you who access it to desktops. But it’s an issue on mobile where it is not shown since now that more people are accessing mobile than desktop more than ever before (per my recent post “Mobile Marketing on the Rise”). They’ve also had several retweets.

Sorenson’s not active. Take a look at their timeline between tweets. I guess they don’t believe in this tool? Same with Convo – they don’t post really often either.

ZVRS’ Twitter feed has a lot of fun stuff on there (interesting content, +rep). Although, not much engagement happening. However, most action were on Facebook where I found a lot of likes and comments to the same content (quiz) posted on Twitter.

Now that we have taken a look at the use of links, content, and engagement. All critical tools to a successful marketing campaign which would drive traffic to brand’s site, increase awareness and solidifying relationship with users.

Without further ado:

Bryan Leeper is the founder of Deaf Social Media and a freelance internet marketer. You can follow him on Twitter @b2theryan.

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