Social Media, Marketing and Advertising in Deaf Community!


DSM: Tell us a bit about yourself and your role at the Z.

Julian: My name is Julian Moiwai. I’ve always considered myself a social nut or just a typical guy who enjoys meeting people and disagreeing with Duke sports fans. I recently graduated from RIT with a degree in Advertising and Public Relations and a fresh desire for learning. Since I became deaf at 10 months old, I never bothered to put on my hearing aid at all times. Whenever the need to communicate arises, I sign and read lips.

At the Z, I work as a Social Media Coordinator. My responsibilities are accountable for social media strategy and content creation across their social platforms. With a team of colleagues, I help identify and develop advertising strategies to meet their brand goals. In addition, I improve the social media presence of StratusVideo – our sister company.

DSM: How did you come to pursue a degree in Advertising and Public Relations at RIT?

Julian: Back in the day, I thought I would never land a career in marketing by choice but seek my childhood dream of becoming a professional soccer player in the World Cup. Towards the end of my freshman year, I finally made an exclusive decision to purse a degree in Advertising and Public Relations, which I recently
completed this past summer.

It was back in 2009 when social media advanced from its infancy. Thankfully, it was while the popularity of social media skyrocketed throughout my college years when I realized I made the right decision. Not only people were signing up for new accounts on various social networking sites, but also businesses – both small and big – were doing it, too. Social media is more than just word of mouth interaction taken place online. It gives deaf people, like myself, an opportunity to mingle with countless others on the Web. The decision I made was heavily based on my belief that word of mouth, or word of hand, marketing was more powerful than any sole advertisements you’d find in a People magazine from 2007. Fast-forward to 2012, I remain pleased to have found my niche.

DSM: What are some of your tips for content creation? And optimization?

Julian: A lot of social media experts give tips for money out there, but have never made money outside of giving tips for money. To give tips, you have to earn them from experience. By money, it does not necessarily have to be related to the greenbacks in your pocket. In this case, currency is influence.

To influence, you must have the ability to cause a change in the way someone thinks or behaves. Keep in mind that the utmost important rule of thumb is to know your followers – the types of network they are in, what they are interested in and with what contents will they interact.

Doing so from just one network, for example, Facebook, is insufficient. On top of that, it is important to find ways to integrate external content like news, historical facts, trending topics and overall knowledge of the topic to foster conversations and follower base. By being a source with a range of topics for your followers’ entertainment, you gain more opportunity to expose your personal brand as an influencer.

As for optimization, your influence has to be interesting, shareable or “Like-able”, providing the user multiple options to share or remix the contents he or she has learned or created. The implementation of social plug-ins provides proof that your content is “social worthy”.

DSM: You have covered NAD’s event this year on the Media Team, what were some of the strengths? Any improvements for 2014?

Julian: The NAD Conference was an unforgettably incredible experience. I had a humble pleasure working with a team full of vivid talent and specialized skills. Along with one fellow team member, I was responsible to keep their Instagram account active by covering events from place to place while keeping our NAD followers updated via the Instagram feed across their media channels (website, Facebook and Twitter).

Some of the team’s strengths were everyone’s tireless efforts to cover the conference and flexibility to meet each other’s needs throughout the week. As for improvements, the Media Team may use extra hands to help cover the conference because who knows what will be the next hot tools in 2014. Social media is growing rapidly!

DSM: What do you think of Usain Bolt wanting to play for Manchester United? There were reports Sir Alex Ferguson would play him in an exhibit game.

Julian: Bolt is quite a character, but the fact that he is a big United fan does not blend well with me. To be honest, I thought it was a joke at first, but who knows how skilled Bolt is in the game. If I were Sir Alex Ferguson, I would just skip the trial, give him a jersey and watch him run all over the field.

Julian Moiwai is an aspiring entrepreneur and Social Media Coordinator for ZVRS, a telecommunication company that provides video solutions. He recently earned his bachelor’s degree in advertising and public relations with a concentration in psychology from the Rochester Institute of Technology. In his free time, Moiwai enjoys biking and delving into the world of innovation, which consists of developing a medical band with a team of students from his alma mater. You can mingle with him on Twitter @JulianMoiwai.


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