Social Media, Marketing and Advertising in Deaf Community!


I wanted to write something a little different here. Lately I’ve been focusing excusively on social media channels, this blog is also about advertising and social media. Eventida is a deaf friendly event promotion resource!


A husband and wife tandem, Elise and Lee Whitworth, has worked together to create an online social promotion tool. A great tool for everyone, especially the deaf community like say, Florida Association of the Deaf’s annual Wet ‘n Wild event or GLAD event in California. Makes it easier to have all the information in one place. As well as to save events and set reminders! Sharing an event has never been so easy, you can share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.

Here’s a little bit more about Elise and how she came up with Eventida:

“I worked for years as a certified event planner, building a career in the event industry, before I left to have children and began doing web development from home. Before I knew it I was working as a web developer full time, but always wanted to incorporate my passion for planning events. I decided to build and launch Eventida- combining my passion for events and web development experience to create an amazing fusion of event promotion and technology.” – Eventida founder, Elise Whitworth

“Promoting events isn’t easy, and despite the extensive amount of resources for event registration and ticket sales, but there’s nothing that focuses exclusively on event promotion. I saw a gap in the tools available to fuse the planning and promotion processes, especially for communities using ASL and Spanish. Now anyone looking to share their next great meeting, get together, or gathering can be sure it makes it to all of the right channels.” – Elise Whitworth

Visit and type in “ASL” or “Deaf”, you could see a list of all ASL events that may be in your city you could attend! Also add your events in the future! Promoting events has just became easier!

If you have any additional questions for Elise or about Eventida, please click here.

Below is a 2:14 minute video made by Elise about Eventida in ASL!!!

Bryan Leeper is the founder of Deaf Social Media and a freelance internet marketer. You can follow him on Twitter @b2theryan.


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