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From all of us at Deaf Social Media, we hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your friends and families!

Feel like your dragging behind in social media marketing? Need new ideas? Want to improve? Try these hot trends right now!

7 Hot Trends in Social Media Marketing, list made by Lauren Indvik from (10/12/2012):

1) Marketers Get Memetastic
2) Brands Get Pinterested
3) Fan Pages Get More Image-Heavy
4) Brands Celebrate Milestones With Elaborate Thank-Yous
5) Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything” Becomes Promotional Tool
6) Kickstarter Becomes Hub for New Product Launches
7) Brands Gain a Sense of Humor

A meme is usually an image with text pasted onto it that is created by an user and is passed electronically from one Internet user to another. It has it’s own culture and is usually funny or humorous. For fun — check out “The 100 Greatest Internet Memes of All-Time” (posted 06/07/2012). Creating a meme would definitely been engaging users with a possibility of it becoming viral in a community.

Below’s a fun example of a meme posted on a day after the Republican National Convention in response to Eastwood and the “invisible chair”:

Pinterest has become an important tool in the world of social media. Number 3 behind Facebook and Twitter. Many brands would post contests and puzzles on Pinterest to engage users at a whole new level. If your company has not tried Pinterest yet, now it’s a good time to go check it out!

If you have noticed, a lot of brands now have invested a lot of time making their fan pages “image heavy” meaning their profile picture has an image, cover photo has a fun image, and post a lot of images on their posts. There is data that shows photos attracts twice the number of likes and comments than a text status. Also videos are shared 12x more. [INFOGRAPHIC].

As for 7 – who would love to see ZVRS and Sorenson tweeting each other with a funny conversation?!

Bryan Leeper is the founder of Deaf Social Media and a freelance internet marketer. You can follow him on Twitter @b2theryan.


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