Social Media, Marketing and Advertising in Deaf Community!


2012 has been a fun year! Deaf Social Media was founded 5 months ago with an emphasis to provide the community resources to build an online influence while having a powerful digital presence, compelling content, and to keep tabs on what’s new in the world of Social Media. It has been a lot of fun doing this; certainly been tough to find the free time to write a blog while staying committed and being consistent! We have ideas for 2013 — more on that soon.

While 2012 is coming to an end, we would like to give recogition to Deaf businesses and individuals on their social media effort this year! My goal was to have users like you to make nominations to your favorite business/individual that you think they have done an excellent job with their online presence, user engagement, quality of content, etc. We will make an online poll for you to pick!

— Agency of the Year
— Best Mobile App
— Best Twitter Account
— Best Facebook Account
— Best Blogs
— Best Videos

Please make your nominations in comments below, send a DM to @DeafSocialMedia on Twitter, or send a message to Deaf Social Media on Facebook! Upon request, your names can be anonymous when you make your nominations!

Here was the Twitter Feed about #DSMAwards:








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