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twitter-conversation-mortgage-housing-standardsSee our #MobileChat’s full transcript with RedeApp (moderated by Patrick Goodman, @MarketingMusing) and Engage by E-view (moderated by Corey Axelrod, @coreyaxelrod).

For those of you who missed Corey Axelrod’s interview with us, click here.

Like I have promised in Twitter to provide a summary of #MobileChat, and without further ado…

We had a fun time interacting with users on Twitter about what our own Engage by E-view can do for the Deaf community. The best thing from this #MobileChat was that this was an incredible opportunity presented in front of us to increase brand awareness and user engagement. Not one #MobileChat participant at the top of the hour knew what Engage by E-view app was or could do (of course except for Corey, Patrick, and myself).

There were some retweets that I have found it to be interesting that I wanted to share — for those of you who don’t use Twitter:

Patrick has asked “How much does it cost the consumer to download the app?” and Corey responded, “The Engage app is free to download – the app is funded by advertisers & sponsors.”

Since the app was free and Engage was funded by advertisers and sponsors — Patrick asked, “What perks does your app offer advertisers?” One of the perks Corey mentioned was that Engage’s “MMS messages w/ 90+% open rate > email open rates of .5 to 6% (2 of 4).”

Also, I have asked Corey during the #MobileChat session to give us an idea how many individuals actively use their app and most used in which region – Corey responded, “We currently have more than 2K members. Members are distributed evenly through the U.S.” Another user asked if Engage is also marketing to Canada as she knew some who would benefit from this breakthrough app. Corey responded, “We’re not in Canada just yet – goal is to gain momentum first in the U.S. and then head up north.”

Another thing I have asked Corey if there are any plans in the future to expand Engage app with spanish-speaking alerts (in addition to ASL). He responded that there are “many opportunities available, but we’re first looking at the #ASL market.”

Some great responses by users at the end of this #MobileChat session with Engage by E-view:

“@allathena: Great #mobilechat tonight w/ @EngageByEview. They’re definitely a company worth following & supporting! #ASL”

“@wordwhacker: Wow @EngageByEview app seems really cool. #mobilechat”

Bryan Leeper is the founder of Deaf Social Media and a freelance internet marketer. You can follow him on Twitter @b2theryan.


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