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I wanted to write a little bit about improving the way you engage with your friends and other users on all social media channels. Klout will help you today to see where you stand on a scale of 1-100 on how influential you are. We’ll kick off this blog with a few Q and A’s from‘s homepage:

What is influence?

A. The more engagement and action you inspire with the content you create, the greater your influence.

What’s the Klout Score?

A. The Score is a number between 1-100 based on the activity on your social networks.

How can I use it?

A. Klout helps you discover who you influence and what topics you are influential about.

What are perks?

A. Depending on your Klout Score, topics and location, you could earn rewards from brands.

Improve Your Klout Score

So, how do we improve a Klout Score by using Facebook? Below are some signals that Klout measure with:

Mentions: A mention of your name in a post indicates an effort to engage with you directly.
Likes: The simplest action that shows engagement with the content you create.
Comments: As a reaction to content you share, comments also reflect direct engagement by your network.
Subscribers: Subscriber count is a more persistent measure of influence that grows over time.
Wall Posts: Posts to your wall indicate both influence and engagement.
Friends: Friend count measures the reach of your network but is less important than how your network engages with your content.

Note >> For other networks instead of Facebook, please click here.

Tell Us What your Klout Score is!

Klout-Score-300x292Next month I’ll be posting a Part Two with a list of Deaf people with high Klout Scores (ie – Marlee Matlin, Sean Berdy). Please let us know what your Klout Score is, we’ll post your name on the list (score of 50+)! Also, if you may know someone personally who has a pretty good score – we’ll like to know who so we could give recognition!

DSM’s Contributors’ Scores

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 10.18.52 PM

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 10.19.30 PM

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 10.19.36 PM


Bryan Leeper is the founder of Deaf Social Media. He aims to provide the community resources to build online influence with a powerful digital presence, compelling content, and to keep tabs on what’s new in the world of Social Media. Leeper also serves as a contributor and member of NAD’s Election Reform Committee. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Management with a concentration in Communications from the Rochester Institute of Technology. In his free time, he enjoys running fantasy football – “Pigskin Fraternity”, wakeboarding, and spending time with his wife and kids. You can follow him on Twitter @b2theryan. Feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn.


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