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RE: Transcript Request for B.S. Report Podcasts and et al

To Whom It May Concern,

For a long time, I have been contacting Bill Simmons via his Twitter handle regarding accessibility to his popular podcasts. Thing is — I can’t hear, I’m Deaf. Beyond frustrated with the lack of response, I have decided to write a letter in hopes that it’ll be answered.

Speaking for hundreds and thousands of Deaf sports fans of ESPN & Bill Simmons across the country and the globe — this Deaf community would like to “listen in” to the podcasts that was posted every week. Sure, the articles are great. But the issue is this:

Since that I am a huge Denver Broncos fan and Bill Simmons is a huge Patriots fan – there were transactions that involved those two teams. Welker signed with Denver and Amendola went to New England. I tweeted Mr. Simmons on 3/17/13 to hear what his thoughts are:

“@b2theryan: @BillSimmons Your thoughts on Welker to Denver and Amendola to Foxborough?”

“@b2theryan: @BillSimmons You had a podcast on these situations – I can’t hear it (Deaf). Would appreciate your response via text on Tweet!”

And his thoughts are on the podcasts. I still have no idea what he said to this day.

No response.

I have also sent numerous tweets after that advocating for equal accessibility to information. I have included Bill Barnwell, Grantland, and ESPN’s Twitter handles in hopes to hear from at least one of them on this issue.

Instead of a response on Twitter, I have provided Bill Simmons and ESPN my own email address, for their convenience. Nothing yet from them. I had several Deaf friends asking me to keep them updated on this if there’s any response.

“sgl7313: @b2theryan @espn @billsimmons let me know if they ever reach back to you as I would like to “follow” podcasts if they have script” (3/19/13)

“@_frozen RT @b2theryan: @BillSimmons P.S. Transcripts for your podcasts? Hire a writer. (cc: @espn) <—- seconded" (3/19/13)

I am sending this letter to some of you at ESPN and posting this on my blog at for my community to read and support this cause. We’d like a response as to if you’ll provide transcripts to your podcasts in the near future!

On behalf of myself and the Deaf community,

Thank you.

Bryan Leeper
Twitter: @b2theryan


Sent to:

– ESPN, Inc. (
– Bill Simmons (
– Editors at Grantland (
– Rick Reilly (


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