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Embrace Social Business Strategy

I was reading an article via LinkedIn titled “Why Your Company’s Social Media is Failing” and wanted to share it with you. I do believe these next seven steps would “successfully champion and scale social media”:

To better explain social business, I spoke with Brian Solis, fellow LinkedIn Influencer and co-author of the brand new book 7 Success Factors of Social Business Strategy. Here is what Brian shared with me:

There’s a difference between a social media and social business strategy. Social media are the channels where information and people are connected via two-way platforms. Social media strategy defines programs specific to networks and the corresponding activity within and around each. A Social Business Strategy is one that aligns with the strategic business goals and has alignment and support throughout the organization.

1) Define the overall business goals.

What are you trying to accomplish in social media? Does your strategies impact your business objectives directly and indirectly? This is a great source on how to create good social media business objectives along with tips.

2) Establish the long-term vision.

Assess what is working well, what needs fixing, and what has been completely broken that needs a total revamp. Align these analytics to what your goals are and what you hope to achieve to ensure that you’re on the right path.

3) Ensure executive support.

Be sure to have the support of your bosses and you know your social media strategy is working when you hear them saying “I approve of what you’ve been doing, keep it up.”

4) Define the strategy and roadmap and identify initiatives.

This step is where the magic happens. Your vision and strategy will draw a roadmap in the next 3-5 years that would bring both social media initiatives and business goals to mesh in well together.

5. Establish governance and guidelines.

Everyone needs help in this one — assign roles and responsibilities to other by ensuring that your social strategy has developed the culture that you are trying to create.

6. Secure staff, resources, and funding.

This step will take your strategy and your company to the next level by forming an infrastructure and setting a standard of excellence. Also to “develop metrics/reporting system to ensure an uniform approach as you grow.”

7. Invest in technology platforms that support the greater vision and objectives.

Invest in the technology that works for you and the company to start becoming a social organization.


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